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Mitsubishi automation technology is used all over the world in virtually every field of industry. This section includes a selection of reference projects with detailed reports on the individual applications.

Energy Saving: 

Energierückgewinnung dank modernster Frequenzumrichter


Energy Supply Center Dresden

Energie-Versorgungs-Center Dresden

Combined heat & power supply in Oberhausen

Heizkraftwerke Energieversorgung Oberhausen

Energy Supply Center for Munich Airport

Energie-Versorgungszentrale Flughafen München

Cogenerative waste incineration plant Iserlohn

Müllheizkraftwerk Iserlohn

Waste incineration plant Hamm

Müllverbrennungsanlage Hamm

Sewage sludge incineration plant Stuttgart-Mühlhausen

Schlammverbrennungsanlage Stuttgart-Mühlhausen

Waste-to-energy plant Weißenhorn

Müllkraftwerk Weißenhorn

Müllheizkraftwerk Frankfurt-Nordweststadt

Cogenerative waste incineration plant Frankfurt-Nordweststadt

Vegetable processing machine with a very green character

Reliable Process Management for Electroplating Applications

A secure investment: Compact controller technologies for biogas cogeneration plants

Sicher investiert: Steuerungstechnik für Biogasanlagen

Power and Heat from the Fields

Strom und Wärme vom Acker

Schwein muss man haben - wirtschaftliche Nutzung von Biogas

Biogas-Blockheizkraftwerke zuverlässig steuern

Automation platform controls district power station in the city of Frankfurt/Germany

Automatisierungsplattform steuert Müllheizkraftwerk Frankfurt

A flair for flares

Power-saving frequency inverter convinces municipal authorities

Energiespar-Frequenzumrichter überzeugt öffentliche Verwaltung

Full Transparency without a Central Process Control System

Durchblick auch ohne Prozessleittechnik

Power-saving frequency inverters enhence car-wash performance

Automation technology with redundant architecture at the Hamm wast incineration plant

Controller Architecture for Dioxin Monitoring System

Steuerungskonzept für Dioxin-Monitoring-System

Dual redundant PLCs slash costs at PVC plant

Mitsubishi automation keeps tabs on Virgin Cola

Mitsubishi PLCs provide food processing solution

Scottish Power specifies Mitsubishi for Longannet

Accurate Control of very high pressure liquid gas

Präzise gesteuertes Verpumpen von Flüssiggas

Elementis Chromium choose Mitsubishi Electric for kiln control system

Electricity company promotes energy savings to industry

The foundryman's friend or the indispensable PLC?

Mitsubishi teams up with Trolex on systems solutions

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