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Mitsubishi automation technology is used all over the world in virtually every field of industry. This section includes a selection of reference projects with detailed reports on the individual applications.

Energy Saving: 

Variable Frequenzumrichter für hohe Energieeinsparungen

Präzision beim Kuchenschneiden durch Roboterintegration

Energierückgewinnung dank modernster Frequenzumrichter

Prozessautomatisierung in der Backwarenfertigung

Automatisierung der Produktion von Delikatessleckerbissen

Eiszeit – Kleiner Umrichter, große Wirkung


Robot integration delivers precision cake slicing

Bayernland eG – Milchwerk Regensburg

Intelligente Fertigungsprozesse für Quiche-Präzisionsbackanlage

Bayernland eG – Milchwerk Regensburg

Mitsubishi Electric causes a stir in white sauce production

Mitsubishi Electric robot emulates intuitive human cake icing movements

Smart conveyor lines up quiches for precision baking

European packaging standards gaining acceptance in Japan

Europäische Verpackungsstandards halten Einzugin Japan

Vegetable processing machine with a very green character

Passion and experience in the manufacturing of pastry goods

Pasja i doświadczenie przy produkcji wyrobów ciastkarskich

Feinfühlige Roboter in der Keksproduktion

Robots in Cookie Production

Mitsubishi drives down dairy's energy bill

AB Technology choose Mitsubishi for control

Sandwiches served with Servos

New control system for British Bakeries

PLC controlled incubators improve egg hatching rates

Mitsubishi automation keeps tabs on Virgin Cola

Steuerungssystem für 8000 Brotlaibe pro Stunde

Mitsubishi PLCs provide food processing solution

Fish food production gets computer control

Fieldbus networks save much dough

PLC network saves dough in bakery

Cigar rolling PLCs at Imperial Tobacco

Inverters halve running costs of air handling system

Total integration of plant control at Joseph Stewart and Co.

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