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e-F@ctory Alliance

The e‑F@ctory Alliance is an integral part under the e‑F@ctory umbrella. The global network includes manufacturers of industrial components as well as specialised system integrators and software providers. These partner companies collaborate at an individual level to offer flexible, optimised solutions for various customer requirements. It has over 300 members worldwide.

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e-F@ctory Alliance partners in EMEA

  • Adroit Technologies

    The Integration of Adroit's (MAPS) SCADA system into the software of Mitsubishi Electric.

  • Akribis Systems

    Where precision is needed, direct drives from Akribis

  • Asyril

    Rapid cycle time and innovative feeding systems for almost any type of parts, in collaboration with Mitsubishi Electric robot

  • Atos Origin

    IT infrastructure and management systems that can utilise Mitsubishi Electric's shop-floor to enterprise connectivity solutions

  • Auvesy

    versiondog - change management.
    Automated backup and version control for automated production

  • Balluff

    innovating automation: Advanced Sensor Solutions, intelligent Networking Systems.

  • CLPA

    CC-Link IE TSN – The Future of Open Industrial Ethernet


    A leading open programming and control environment that can be deployed directly on Mitsubishi Electric's C Controller (iQ Platform)

  • Codian

    High speed pick and place delta robot with seamless integration into the Mitsubishi Electric Controller

  • Cognex

    Innovative vision systems for a wide range of applications especially linked with Mitsubishi robots and motion solutions

  • CONTACT Software

    Elements for IoT – the complete digital twin platform for smart factories from shop floor to enterprise

  • Copa Data

    C Controller based remote telemetry protocols

  • Datalogic

    Vision guided machining and robotics

  • Emulate3D

    Emulation and simulation software to reduce commissioning time and costs for Mitsubishi controllers and other devices


    Parallel engineering system which provides consistent implementation of functional engineering

  • flexfactory

    flexfactory – the very best in flexible feeder systems

  • Harmonic Drive

    Lifelong precision with high dynamics. High-precision planetary gear technology for direct integration of Mitsubishi Electric servo motors.

  • HMS

    A fast low-cost solution for interconnecting Mitsubishi automation devices via a wide range of standardised industrial networks

  • IBHsoftec

    Innovative solution to add Ethernet capability to third party PLCs, can be used in conjunction with Mitsubishi's MES IT technology to gain greater connectivity.

  • INEA

    Optimization and energy saving thanks to data transparency

  • Janz Tec

    High-performance embedded PC for scalable automation and drive systems

  • Lenord + Bauer

    Efficient control with high quality sensors for Mitsubishi Electric CNC and motion systems in retrofit and new systems

  • ME-Automation Projects

    This Water management package is fully integrated with Mitsubishi Electric's GX IEC Developer and iQ Works control platform

  • mpdv

    Leading provider of standardised MES solutions for discrete manufacturing. Works seamlessly with Mitsubishi's enterprise connectivity solutions

  • Ontec

    Customized and innovative machines based on the high-end quality automation systems from Mitsubishi Electric

  • Prosyst

    Optimized automated system performance with PROSYST

  • Real Time Logic

    Integration of web services into the control level of your plants


    Leading manufacturer of enclosures providing solutions directly with pre-cutouts to suit Mitsubishi GOT screens

  • Robovision

    Turnkey Vision Inspection Systems enabled by Robovision Deep-Learning Platform and Mitsubishi Electric Automation

  • RT Leaders

    Easy and Simple programming of Automation applications within plant floor controllers

  • SAP

    From Things to Outcomes – Linking operational data with business information to drive real value and differentiation with new business models.

  • Schaeffler

    Advanced condition monitoring for Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE)

  • Schaffner

    Expert in EMC solutions offering dedicated filters for frequency inverters from Mitsubishi Electric

  • Secomea

    Secure and easy remote access solutions fully integrated with Mitsubishi Electric automation devices


    Sensor technology and image recognition in production for Industry 4.0

  • SMC

    Efficient automation with motorless electric drives

  • Takebishi Europe

    Supporting full connectivity to Mitsubishi Electric industrial automation devices with OPC server software

  • Technikon

    Precise process control for efficient management of municipal water supply and distribution systems

  • Teledyne Dalsa

    Imagine the possibilities of image recognition

  • Telit

    MES Interface IT for the iQ Platform provides direct connectivity from the shop floor to business systems such as Oracle, DB2 etc.

  • Visual Components

    Modular robot and automation simulation software which can integrate all Mitsubishi robots

  • Wittenstein

    High quality Wittenstein alpha gearheads integrated with Mitsubishi Electric system solutions

Supporting your business success – An alliance of technology experts to help you meet today’s and tomorrow’s manufacturing challenges
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