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Cutting-edge SCADA system with a strong presence in Process, that can seamlessly link with Mitsubishi Electric's Process programming software "PX Developer"

Wonderware’s InTouch 10.0 software leaps onto your screen with breakthrough technology, amazing graphic capabilities and comprehensive functionality delivered with Wonderware’s legendary ease of use.

InTouch software is an open and extensible HMI with cutting-edge graphical capabilities providing incredible power and flexibility for application design. InTouch software offers connectivity to the broadest range of automation devices in the industry. And when used in combination with Mitsubishi Electric's PX developer Process Control setup software the joint solution offers something really special for the Process user, for example:

  • Built-in faceplates
  • Optimised communication
  • Tag name sharing
  • Alarm integration

Built-in faceplates

PX Developer's ActiveX Control faceplate's can be used directly within the InTouch software environment. This allows PX Developers advanced process control functions to be utilized directly from any InTouch HMI/SCADA screen. Which means easier and faster screen creation, simpler operation/monitoring screens all without having to worry about extra programming or creating specific additional screen objects.

Optimised communication

Utilizing PX Developers high function algorithm for data collection, provid's InTouch users with fast direct communication between.

Tag name sharing

The setting up of item/device tags that can automatically be shared from within PX Developer or InTouch or couldn't be simpler. This function reduces the cause of errors due to tag mismatching by only having to set them once reducing the overall setup time.

Alarm integration

Monitor, detect, and check PX Developer alarms automatically from within InTouch, eliminating the need to define additional duplicate alarms manually. This reduces errors and development time as alarm settings are shared across both software suites.

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