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PMSX®pro (DCS)

PMSX®pro (DCS)

Industrial plants are operated, monitored, and controlled by means of process management systems.

PMSX®pro has been designed to fully meet all requirements in terms of availability, efficiency, expandability, and flexibility. It also features a high level of harmonized hardware and software, and includes a finely tuned range of standardized automation equipment.

The process management concept adapts to the plant‘s process engineering structure. Maximum safety, utmost availability, and flexible expandability are obtained by structuring the plant horizontally into function units with specific control and automation tasks. In this way, we achieve a clearly structured, hierarchical and therefore transparent plant structure. Process-related redundancies are not cancelled by the control system.

For efficient plant and maintenance management, PMSX®pro provides consistent, plant-wide configuration and parametrization from a central point. The possibility of calling dynamic function diagrams, and the consistent forwards documentation ensure that the operators always have a clear process overview – also under critical operating conditions – and thus permit fast and confident response. What‘s more, the integrated Help function plus powerful tools for diagnostics, simulation, and quality assurance assist the personnel in efficient plant operation.

Benefits at a glance

  • Distributed system architecture and freely scalable topology
  • Utmost reliability and availability – up to 99.9% p.a.
  • Active and passive redundancies at all levels
  • Safe and overriding process control
  • Forwards documentation according to VGB-R 170 C
  • Dynamic function plans called directly from process graphics
  • Extremely powerful archiving functions
  • Intelligent and consecutive alarm management
  • Time stamping in the distributed input module groups
  • Inputs monitored for broken leads and short circuit
  • Automatic backup and recovery function
  • Comprehensive Asset Management tools
  • Use of proven, standardized technology
  • Expandable without interrupting plant operation
  • Secure linking to other networks, and remote access via a firewall

Technical specifications

System configuration (maximum values)
Networkable systems30
Operating stations per system60
Process stations per system60
Data points per system1,000,000
No. of process graphics per system10,000
Printers per system100
Automation stations per system150
System performance
Display build-up time≤ 1 s
Update rate of process data≤ 1 s
Alarm resolution1 ms
Timing precision of alarms10 ms (typical)
Process control stations
Type19-inch industrial housing
Data security (optional)RAID-1 /RAID-5 (hot swappable)
Network technologyEthernet (IEEE 802.3)
Max. data transfer rate1,000 Mbit/s
Redundancy (optional)Power supplies, hard disks, cooling fans
MonitoringTemperatures, fan speeds
System bus
Network technologyEthernet (IEEE 802.3)
Network protocolTCP/IP
Transmission mediaOptic fiber links
Max. data transfer rate1,000 Mbit/s
RedundancyVirtual ring structure
Network managementSNMP, Web interface
Communication standardProfibus-DP (IEC 61158)
Transmission mediaFiber optic / RS 485
Max. data transfer rate12 Mbit/s
RedundancyRing topology
Field instrument managementFDT/DTM
Operating and monitoring system
No. of display screens per workstation1 to 4
No. of windows per screen1 to N (adjustable)
Input devicesKeyboard, mouse, touchscreen
No. of process graphics> 1,000
No. of trend displays> 1,000
No. of variables per trend display18
Display of alarm texts40 characters
Storable alarms/messages> 1,000,000
Engineering / programming
Graphical projectingIEC 61131-3
Documentation guidelinesVGB-R 170C / IEC 61131-3
MakeMitsubishi System Q
Multi-processor system1 to 4 CPUs
Redundancy1-out-of-2 principle
Inputs/outputs per station4,096/8,192 (remote)
Module replacement during operationHot plug-in
MonitoringOpen & short circuited leads
Time stampingIn remote module
Expanded archiving
Storage capacityUp to 2 × 1.2 terabytes
Hard disksUp to 16 (hot swappable)
Data redundancyRAID-6
RedundancyCooling fans, power supplies (hot swappable)
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