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MEprotect / essence relay

MEprotect / essence relay

Powerful protection for electrical energy distribution assets, with typical applications in all LV and MV switchgear

Robust and reliable protection for all types of electrical equipment and distribution switchgear, and featuring powerful diagnostics, monitoring and control functions
>45 ANSI protection functions in one relay, plus energy measurements with up to 31st harmonic spectrum analyser - 4x current, 4x voltage and 1x ground current inputs,
Programmable logic functions,
Various current rating CT module blocks (with voltage sensing) and essence balance CTs available,
Built-in PLC / SCADA port as on core model

Detached touch-screen HMI

7" / 3.8" operator panel in colour / grayscale (option) Local operation and configuration (password protected) Full equipment energy usage, operational status and protection history available Can be mounted up to 1km away

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Detached touch-screen HMI
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