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Accessories and Related Components

Accessories and Related Components

Suitable for extending circuit breaker functions.

There are many different internal and external accessories. They can be used to make breakers safe and convenient.

Internal Accessories AL, AX, SHT, UVT

These accessories are installed inside the breaker. AX indicates electrically the status of the breaker. AL indicates electrically the status of the breaker trip. SHT makes the breaker trip electrically by remote operation. UVT releases the breaker when the control voltage is dropped.

Internal Accessories

External Accessories Handle, TC, HL, MD

These accessories are mounted outside the breaker. An accessory operates electrically the breaker handle, or the external handle on the panel can be used for breaker operation.

External Accessories

Breaker Testers

For the WS-V series electronic type breakers, 125 to 250A frame, this device can used to perform release tests, as well as for monitoring and set-up of operating characteristics.

Breaker Testers