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Powerful integrated programming tools

The PC visualisation software package GT SoftGOT is the ideal complement for the GOT control units. This software combines the advantages of the GOT's with the flexibility of a PC, and the ability to use all your existing GOT applications without any changes. The PC implementation is now able to store large amounts of data, send e-mails or mobile SMS text messages and exchange files via FTP.

Easy project design and management

GT SoftGOT gives the programmer the freedom to design his applications in the same way as for a control unit, with the added advantage of full PC functionality. The decisive advantage is access to the PC's mass storage, for example for storing recipes or scheduled and timed actions, which can be edited with MS Excel. The programmer can use existing applications for A900GOT control units without any changes, providing direct access to the data. This saves time and development overheads while making it possible to start building applications on a PC-based control unit.

  • Free-definable user interface
  • Drivers for all MELSEC PLC systems
  • No limit on the number of I/O devices
  • Choice of different graphics resolutions
  • E-Mail functionality
  • Ability to save alarms and scheduled / timed actions on mass storage
  • Data exchange lists in MS Excel
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