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MEsoftstart Industrial Core series (100A-200A)

MEsoftstart Industrial Core series (100A-200A)

For regular applications where easy, potentiometer-based setup is preferred

Reliability, robustness and safety built in to increase productivity and plant availability
Easy potentiometer/DIP switch configuration of the common motor soft start and stop curves
Default protections and control options (changeable by PC app)
100A to 200A frame sizes for motors from 11kW to 315kW
400Vac, 525Vac and 690Vac supply choice

Potentiometer setup HMI

  • - Common configuration options via simple potentiometer without PC app
  • - Industrially hardened for toughest environments (up to 70°C)
  • - More advanced configurations via provided PC App

More information

Potentiometer HMI (core models)
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