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Servo technology for ultimate positioning


The MR-J3-xxA-EtherCAT, offered as part of the MR-J3 family, is an AC servo drive designed to provide users with connectivity to Mitsubishi Electric high-performance servo amplifiers over EtherCAT communication.

With this solution, Mitsubishi Electric offers connectivity to EtherCAT master controllers over CANopen or CoE protocols along with the CiA402 drive profile application communication. The drive can run control modes including position, speed and home position. Functions like the advanced vibrations suppression control and real time auto tuning ensure maximum precision, very short positioning times and simple installation with short start-up time.

The drive supports CANopen over EtherCAT (CoE) CiA402 Drive Profile with PDO communication cycle time of 500μs, 1ms, 2ms.

Mitsubishi Electric offer the EtherCAT amplifier with a capacity ranging from 100W to 22kW. These amplifiers will be able to drive the MR-J3 servomotors, which are equipped with built-in absolute high precision 18bit (262,144 pls/rev) encoder as standard. In addition to being compact and offering superb controllability, certain models also allow for up to 350 percent torque overload during acceleration and deceleration periods.

A wide spectrum of rotary servo motors, linear motors and DD-motors are available to meet the demands of applications like packaging, material handling, textile, machine tooling, printing and automotive applications.

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