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Inverters – FR-F 700

The Power-saving Inverter

Inverters – FR-F 700

Today's innovative building services impose a wide variety of demands on drive systems. As a result more planners are now looking for open, flexible and fully-scaleable drives. Additional requirements include user-friendliness, network support and, of course, maximum reliability - particularly in heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) applications. The drives must also be economical to use, combining minimum operating costs and maximum energy savings.

The frequency inverters of the FR-F700 series are a modern and intelligent drive solution that can easily be integrated into complex modern building services automation systems. The FR-F700 frequency inverter drives are particularly well suited for driving pumps and fans and for applications with reduced overloads, such as air-conditioning systems in building services and industry, ventilation and air extractions systems, drains systems, ground water pumps and heat pumps.

In addition to the IP00 and IP20 protection ratings the inverters in the output range up to 55kW are also available with an IP54 rating (FR-F 746 series).

FR-FSU - Floor-Standing Unit for FR-F740 frequency inverters

Mitsubishi Electric now offers housing units for free-standing installation of frequency inverters outside the switchgear cabinet. The sturdy Floor-Standing Units have an IP20 protection rating. They are delivered pre-configured and in addition to the frequency inverter itself they also have space for integration of a DC reactor or an additional EMC filter. FSUs are available in a variety of sizes to match the different output capacity models of FR?F740 frequency inverters. It is delivered with a complete installation kit including screws, cables and terminal block.


 FR-F 740FR-F 746
Output range0.75 - 630kW0.75 - 55kW
Protective structureIP20/IP00IP54
Power supply (50/60Hz)3-phase
Output frequency0.5-400Hz
RF suppressionFilter (integrated and option)
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