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Information module

Information modules

These modules enable information exchange with a host control system.

The assorted module lineup enhances production efficiency by collecting and controlling various pieces of production information.

MES interface

Make the connection from shop floor data to valuable information in real time.

Product Specification

MES interface module

MES interface IT

Supporting a wider platform and database than the MES interface module.
Directly link your production site and information system.

Product Specification

MES interface IT

High-speed data logger

Fulfill the need for traceability and discover a powerful troubleshooting tool.

Product Specification

High-speed data logger module

Web server

This web server module enables remote monitoring and operation of the PLC via the internet or intranet.

Product Specification

Web server module


Ethernet interface modules are available in assorted models to suit the needs of system and partner devices.

Ethernet module

Serial communication

Various serial communication modules support collecting, modifying, monitoring and controlling PLC and third party data.

Product Specification

Serial communication module

Intelligent communication

This intelligent communication module is equipped with a two channel interface for programming multi-task processing capabilities.

Intelligent communication module
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