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MELSEC-Q Series: Bringing an impressive performance that makes Q Series the peak of advance programmable controller.

MELSEC-Q Series: its powerful performance takes the Q Series to levels rarely seen by other PLCs before.

As the requirements of manufacturing evolve daily, the next generation MELSEC-Q Series, with its nano speed processing, can dramatically improve system and machine performance.

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A PLC CPU lineup that can fit any application.

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CPU units

Base unit

These modules are for mounting devices such as power supply modules, CPU modules and input/output modules. A lineup of base units is available to suit your system needs.

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Base units

Power supply

These modules supply electrical power for use by the CPU, input/output modules etc.

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Power supplies

I/O module

These modules are for connecting input and output devices. Assorted I/O modules are available to suit your system needs.

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I/O modules

Analog I/O module

These modules use an analog method for data input/output. They support process control needs and are perfect for high-speed, high-accuracy control.

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Analog I/O modules

Pulse I/O module, counter module

This pulse input, high-speed counter unit supports high-resolution devices and can offer high-accuracy control.

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Pulse I/O modules

Positioning module

Modules for high-speed, high-accuracy positioning control.
A variety of positioning modules are available to cater to different customer needs.

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Positioning module

Information module

These modules enable information exchange with the host control system, enhancing production efficiency by collecting and controlling various production information.

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Information modules

Control network module

These interface modules provide connectivity to various networks that are found at each FA level of a factory automation system.

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Network modules

Energy measurement module

These energy measurement modules support measuring and monitoring of diverse energy information.

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Energy measurement modules


There is an extensive lineup of peripheral products and options such as connectors for input/output modules.

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Guided Operator Solutions – a lean strategy in human mistake prevention
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