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BOX Data Logger

Extensive data logging with simple setup

BOX Data Logger

This BOX Data Logger NZ2DL is a standalone solution that allows data logging to a CF card, or for more advanced applications enables logged data to be sent to e-mail or file servers. Logged data can be used to monitor and control a number of aspects that relate to machine performance that include; quality, efficiency and throughput. To simplify data analysis the BOX data logger enables file formats to be setup in advanced in order that users can directly consume machine relevant data. Finally the BOX data logger is also equipped with 3rd party drivers, enabling it to act as a great door opener into target accounts.

The BOX Data Logger is easily installed in an existing system while the equipment is running. With a few simple settings, the BOX Data Logger then begins to collect operation log data from the system's equipment and saves it to a CompactFlash® card (CF card).


  • Input voltage: 24 V DC
  • CF Card slot: TYPE I slot, max. 8GB capacity
  • 7-segment LED: Clearly displays operation statuses, error codes, and the CF card's remaining capacity.
  • RS-232 interface: RS-232 interface provided as a standard feature.
  • I/O terminal: For UPS connection, trigger inputs, and error outputs.
  • Ethernet interface: Equipped with 2 Ethernet ports. Networks can be separated to prevent interference between their communication traffic.


 BOX Data Logger NZ2DL
Stand-alone type
Logging without PC
Data collection intervalMax. speed 100 ms
Collected data(Own station)
(Other station)MELSEC-Q / L / A / F Series programmable controller, third party PLC
Other-station access pathEthernet, RS-232
Trigger logging function
Event logging function
Report function
Auto logging function
E-mail sending function
FTP transfer function
Max. number of logging data16384 points (64 settings x 256 points)
Saved file formatCSV, binary, EXCEL®
Supported memory cardCF Card (max. 8GB)
Outer dimensions98(H)×110.8(W)×145.5(D) mm

Current consumption: 24VDC, 0.43A; Inrush current: 100A, 1ms or less (at 24VDC input); 10BASE-T / 100BASE-TX Ethernet (10Mbps / 100Mbps baseband); RS-232 (compliant) interface; Equipped with CF Card (TYPE I) slot.

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