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The entry into the world of compact controllers


The FX3S series PLC provides full function PLC control, built-in high-speed inputs and outputs, available relay outputs, and multiple, built-in communication ports. It also includes expansion options for communications, analog, and temperature control. As part of the FX3 series, the FX3S can use many of the existing programming resources that are available for other FX3 series PLCs. This greatly reduces time and costs for system set up.

The FX3S PLC is designed to handle basic control tasks, such as simple positioning or analog, and temperature control operations. It excels in small, standalone applications that don’t require complex control tasks. The compact PLC is especially well suited for food and beverage applications, as well as material handling, and fan and pump applications for irrigation and building automation.

Enhanced expandability

Beside the standard RS422 interface port for serial communication with 115.2 kbps, the FX3S can use a large range of expansion boards providing RS232, RS485 and RS422 communications options. These can be used to connect and control various third party products such as bar code readers or panel printers. A memory cassette to extend the integrated memory can additionally be connected.

On the left side of the PLC, special adapter for analog inputs, Ethernet and serial communication (compatible with MODBUS) can be easily connected. Further, a built-in USB port (MINI B) on the front panel permits convenient connection to any PC or laptop for high speed program uploads and downloads along with monitoring.

High-speed operation

The FX3S processes basic instructions in 0.21 μs, which is faster by approximately 3 times compared with its predecessor, the FX1S. For users this means quicker program response and more accurate process performance as inputs, outputs and actions are processed and monitored more times per second.

Ample program capacity

In total, the built-in maintenance free EEPROM of the FX3S can store up to 16,000 steps. 4,000 steps are reserved for the PLC program and up to 12,000 steps can be used for comments.

Built-in positioning control

The FX3S series comes with high speed counters (up to 60 kHz) and pulse train outputs (for 2 axes and up to 100 kHz). The high speed counters can be configured in a single or two phase input.


I/O pointsMax. 30
Address rangeX0–X17/Y0–Y15 (octal)
Power supply100–240 V AC, 50/60 Hz
or 24 V DC
100–240 V AC
Program memory16,000 steps EEPROM (internal), exchangeable EEPROM memory cassette;
program capacity is limited to 4,000 steps
Instruction Time0.21 μs/basic instruction
Integrated inputsNumber of inputs681216
Input signal voltage24 V DC (±10 %)
Input formsink/source
Response timeApprox. 10 ms
IsolationPhotocoupler isolation
Integrated outputsNumber of outputs46814
Switching voltage<240 V AC, <30 V DC (relay output), 5–30 V DC (transistor output)
Output type/formRelay or transistor
Max. loadresistive2 A/point, max. 8 A for 4 output points/common terminal (relay),
0.5 A/point; max. 0.8 A for 4 output points/common terminal (transistor)
inductive80 VA (relay), 12 W/point (at 24 V DC);
max. 19.2 W for 4 output points/common terminal (transistor)
Response time10 ms (relay), <5 μs (for Y000 and Y001)/
0.2 ms (for all other outputs) (transistor)
IsolationPhotocoupler isolation
High-speed counters21 total, with 16 1-phase (C235–C250) and 5 2-phase (C251–C255)
Counting range-2,147,483,648–2,147,483,647
Service power supply24 V DC, 400 mA
Environment0–55 °C ambient temperature; 5–95 % relative humidity