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Mitsubishi Electric News: Handling of variable batch sizes in production *** Integration of renewable sources into power ecosystems

Lenord + Bauer: Cost efficient handling of variable batch sizes with a flexible robot cell
Sensor manufacturer Lenord + Bauer has used robot automation to optimise its manufacturing production cycle for frequent product changeovers and a wide variety of batch sizes. The robot cell has taken over monotonous manual pick and place tasks, releasing operators to perform more interesting and valuable work. It operates safely in close proximity to the rest of the workforce. The solution is flexible, efficient and provides integration into the company’s higher-level enterprise systems. This constitutes an ideal platform for future developments such as the planed implementation of a Kanban warehouse.

KELLER – Screen printing machines for Bell's cosmetics production
Bell, the Polish leader in the field of cosmetics production, uses KELLER screen printing machines to print onto their popular cosmetics packaging. Screen printing ensures versatility and durability of printing and thanks to that offers the highest quality for the end users in the shops. KELLER machines rely on Mitsubishi Electric controllers to ensure the best work efficiency. All this with the goal to provide the highest quality product - because every woman is important to us.

Integrating renewable sources into a reliable power ecosystem
Balancing different sources of power, including renewables represents the most efficient and sustainable approach to meeting the energy needs we have now, and those of the next generation. Efficient control hardware combined with the management and optimization offered by virtual power plants provides an opportunity to meet that challenge today. Mitsubishi Electric’s Morteza Seraj, Director of Process Automation for Factory Automation EMEA provides a practical overview of how virtual power plants can provide the answer.

Showroom 4.0 - The world of e-F@ctory
Mitsubishi Electric Factory Automation Center in Balice, Poland, built an innovative showroom following the e-F@ctory concept which combines industrial automation with the IT layer. In the showroom visitors can learn how to comprehensively optimize production processes and how to increase their competitiveness on the market. The presented solutions bring closer the concept of digitization and the Internet of Things that are the quintessence of the ongoing Industry 4.0 revolution.


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