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Mitsubishi Electric News: Digitalization and brownfield facilities - Inverter for high power applications - Next generation robots

Digitalization and brownfield facilities – can these fit together?
Today’s plant automation systems provide transparent monitoring of system status, plus tools such as condition monitoring or predictive maintenance – all help to reduce unscheduled downtime. However, what about brownfield installations with legacy equipment? It is not uncommon to see plant equipment still working after 30 years. Can these systems be integrated into value chains so that the requirements of modern production can be met? We all prefer production and maintenance decisions to be made based on effective monitoring rather than fixed schedules or guesswork.


Inverter for high power applications
Mitsubishi Electric will extend its portfolio with a 690V version of its FR-A800 series inverters. The new models will be covering noticeably higher power outputs. This increased power is delivered in a slim package, offering significant space saving potential. Models of the new FR-A870 690V line, combining high power performance with functionality-enhancing features, will be presented first at Hannover Messe 2019, from 01 - 05 April (hall 17, stand D26).

Next generation robots: Advanced Intelligence, Safety and Integration
With globalization and increasingly diverse consumer needs in the market, the manufacturing industries face a time of considerable change. It is no longer enough for industrial robots to simply perform a single task. Industry now demands robots with the capacity and flexibility to readily take on more sophisticated tasks. The MELFA FR series provides intelligent solutions that underpin "next-generation manufacturing", offering a simpler approach to advanced and flexible production. These robots can handle all your automation needs - and they can even make coffee.


Technical documentation
Recently we updated some catalogs and manuals in various languages. To easily download the pdf version, just type the article number into the "Find" field:
- Inverter Family Catalogue, Revision I, German, art. no. 206312
- LVS Family Catalogue, Revision D, Russian, art. no. 229550
- LVS Family Catalogue, Revision D, Italian, art. no. 404042
- HMI - Family Catalogue, Revision F, Italian, art. no. 209229
- HMI - Family Catalogue, Revision F, French, art. no. 209230
- FX Beginner´s Manual, Revision I,  English, art. no. 166388
- FR-E700-ENE Installation Manual, German, art. no. 412737
- FR-E700 Instruction Manual, Revision B, English, art. no. 412411


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