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Mitsubishi Electric News September 2018

Inverter StartApp available for iPhone
The Inverter StartApp is a brand new connectivity tool, developed by Mitsubishi Electric, to access FR-A and FR-F series inverters within a wireless LAN. If you are looking for support in areas of commissioning, maintenance, troubleshooting alarms, parametrization and monitoring, this tool will get you covered. For using the Inverter StartApp properly on your Apple mobile device, it requires iOS 11.0 or later.

Expertise made easy – with Mitsubishi Electric’s e-Learning programs
You are a newcomer to Factory Automation or already using our technical devices? Mitsubishi Electric offers “Beginner Courses” for a general background and overview of the relevant products. The e-Learning programs also offer “Advanced Editions”, focused on deeper insights into the products like characteristics, installation methods, wiring methods and more.

Did you discover our YouTube tutorials yet?
The official Factory Automation EMEA YouTube channel offers tutorials to enable you to program Mitsubishi Electric products. In more than five different languages, the tutorials help you to efficiently improve your programming skills by providing quick assistance. Video tutorials are available for programming MELFA robots, Servo drives application programming, Inverters and Guided Operator Solutions.

Upcoming Events and Fairs
Since summer is nearly over, we are looking forward to the fairs and events which are coming in autumn:
- VA Mässan in Elmia Jönköping, Sweden, 25.-27.09.2018
- The Forumecatronica in Torino, Italy, 26.09.2018
- Medical Technology Ireland in Galway, Ireland, 26.-27.09.2018
- MSV 2018 in Brno, Czech Republic, 01.-05.10.2018
- Scanautomatic in Göteborg, Sweden, 09.-11.10.2018
- BI-MU in Fiera Milano Rho, Italy, 09.-13.10.2018
Last but not least, we can’t wait for the SPS/IPC/DRIVES show in Nuremberg, Germany, 27.-29.11.2018.


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