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Mitsubishi Electric News July / August 2018

Mitsubishi Electric acquires ASTES4 SA in Switzerland
Based in Switzerland ASTES4 SA is engaged in development, production and sales of Patented automated sorting solutions for sheet metal laser processing machines. As a wholly owned subsidiary, customers can now benefit from integrated solutions available across the global market with ASTES4’s automated sorting systems embedded into Mitsubishi Electric’s sheet metal laser processing machines.


Faster start-up with new MELFA FR robot series
Mitsubishi Electric’s new industrial robot series combines reduced cycle times with scalable safety features and offers versatile connectivity options for easy integration into production systems. Companies who want to achieve a more flexible and productive working environment will also benefit from new capabilities created by the implementation of artificial intelligence.

PLC and HMI software updates
Mitubishi Electric updated the software packages for its PLC and HMI (GOT) products: You will find the latest English versions iQ Works 2.50, GX Works3 1.047, and GT Works3 1.198 in the website Download centre.
Did you know that you will be informed about updates of your licenced software if you register it online?


How to select the right product
To support you in selecting the right product for your application, Mitsubishi Electric offers various configuration and selection tools for its product portfolio. They are easily accessible from the related product pages of our website. If you want to see them all in one go, please login to MyMitsubishi and select "Tools".


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