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I did not receive the validation e-mail


1. What is the validation e-mail for?

During your registration we send you an e-mail with a link. By clicking on the link and then completing your profile you confirm that you really want to use the MyMitsubishi account and not someone else has entered your data.

If you havn’t received this validation e-mail, you can not log in.

2. Check your SPAM folder

The sender of the e-mail is "". The link is valid for 24 hours after sending.

You can find information about your SPAM folder here: How to ensure to get our website e-mails?

3. Request a new validation e-mail

If you can not find the e-mail or more than 24 hours have elapsed since sending the e-mail, you can request a new validation e-mail. Enter your login data again and click the button for sending a new validation mail in the appearing dialog.

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4. Send an e-mail to the support

If you don’t even receive the newly sent e-mail, your e-mail provider or corporate network is probably blocking the delivery of the automatically generated e-mails. In this case, please write for the validation an e-mail from your registered e-mail account to, in which you request the manual clearing of your account.

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