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2016-06-28Art with a modern twist - What would man be without the theatre? Without art, without actors, without shows. Art is food for our soul. It helps us to travel in time, for example back to ancient Greece, where the theatre was born. Operas, operettas, theatrical shows, ballet: they have the power to spark many emotions in us, the full gamut from joy through to sorrow. And now, a new question: What would modern-day theatre ...More
2016-06-21Mitsubishi Electric invests in the Italian Market - The Factory Automation Business Unit of Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V. Italian Branch, has announced the simultaneous opening of a new Demonstration & Training Room and a new FA Center at its headquarters in Agrate Brianza (MI), underlining the importance of the Italian market to the company.More
2016-06-16Preview PowerGen - Building a predictable future for power generation - The power generation industry is facing up to increasingly demanding challenges, driven by requirements for increased flexibility, greater efficiency and improved predictability. At POWER-GEN Europe, Mitsubishi Electric will be showing visitors how its proven, safe and reliable solutions can address these key themes in the energy market.More
2016-06-14Waterworks upgrade supports regional economic regeneration - A water treatment works (WTW) in South Wales has had its control system completely upgraded, without any disruption of supply to the 70,000 people it serves. The new control system is built around automation equipment from Mitsubishi Electric that has delivered increased reliability and performance, which in turn has allowed the plant to achieve its maximum processing capacity.More
2016-06-09Where Virtual meets Reality - creating and operating a Virtual Power Plant - The amount of electricity produced using renewable energy sources is subject to fluctuations, making the network unstable. Conventional power plants can be used to balance out the situation. However, the problem with these is their negative CO2 balance and lack of flexibility. Virtual power plants can ensure stability by automatically combining renewable energy sources based on availability.More
2016-02-15Visit Mitsubishi Electric at one of the upcoming fairs – We will be exhibiting our innovative products at many upcoming trade shows and events all over Europe. Come and see for yourself how automation systems from Mitsubishi Electric can boost the success of your company. We look forward to meeting you and answering your questions in person!Events
2015-07-22Keep up to date – Subscribe to our free email newsletter and make sure that you don't miss any events or special offers. You will receive the newsletter automatically, with all the latest news from the world of Mitsubishi automation technology. Subjects include product news, examples of applications using Mitsubishi products in all fields of automation, special offers, the dates of trade shows and information on events for customers organised by Mitsubishi Electric.Newsletter
2015-02-18Mitsubishi Electric: a safe choice – Both automation and safety are vital in today’s busy, competitive production environments. Mitsubishi Electric can integrate the technologies of automation and safety into a single interactive system and thus improve efficiency and effectiveness. An integrated solution could, for instance, constantly monitor operating conditions and machine functions in order to predict developing problems and initiate pre-emptive action.Read more
2015-02-04Intelligently coordinate virtual power plants – To easily link the single energy carriers in virtual power plants, Mitsubishi Electric offers the PMSX®pro proceess control system and the MAPS (Mitsubishi Adroit Process Suite) Life-Cycle software tool, two helpful products that intelligently coordinate various energy carriers.Read more
2014-09-04Remote Terminal Unit based Monitoring and Control – Communicate securely to SCADA systems, the smartRTU addresses requirements for 100 % reliable remote surveillance and control of distributed assets, even in extreme climates. With powerful functions like diagnostics, alarm and event-storage and time trend data buffering, it meets the challenges of managing massively distributed assets such as data security, interfacing issues, data continuity and reliable communications.Read more about Mitsubishi's smartRTU
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